95% of the steel used in construction is manufactured from recycled cars and during operating hours, fuel cell provides approximately two-thirds of the needed power





New Ipod Application, kind of ridiculous, but I guess great for movie goers with small bladders

RunPee.com lists movies that are currently in movie theaters and when we think would be the best time RunPee during those films. This way you not only kow when to go but you can also find ot what you’ll be missing. You will no longer miss those ultra-important scenes or come back to your seat and ask someone ‘what did I miss’



These 2 posters are very nice. Different than every poster you see, looks very good as well.

Precious is the nickname the film’s title character, a wonderful debut by newcomer Gabourey Sidibe, is given to by her abusive mother, a career altering performance by Mo ‘Nique.  The film follows 16-year-old Precious as she tries to break the chains that relationship and create a new life for herself.  It’s an inspiring film with stunning turns from the leads

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Michael Jackson


I think this would be a neat idea and really hope something happens with it

“I am excited to share this idea with the folks at Pepsi as either an art piece to compliment their vast collection within the Pepsico headquarters or as a limited edition run of cans leading up to Michael Jackson’s funeral. Not as a money making idea but as a way of expressing the power of icons and the art of a big idea.”

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New Pepsi Ad


My problem here is the direct use of the phrase, “Yes You Can.” The campaign and movement around Obama’s candidacy and presidency was a special thing to witness. Support him or not, it was remarkable to see the level of engagement, especially among youth, in his campaign. The mantra of the Obama campaign, of course, was “Yes We Can.”

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Did you know


I was going through my daily blogs I follow and when I went to Swiss Miss I was reminded of a video I had watched in school awhile back and thought I should repost it because it is very interesting.